Facades / cleaning / renovation

3 steps before painting
Facade cleaning / preparation for painting / conventional plaster facades without full thermal insulation
Step 1: disinfection
Leave the existing infestation untouched and spray the entire surface with asperalgin facade cleaner baua-Reg.Nr .: N-12225, consumption approx. 75 to 100ml per square meter.

Step 2: clean up
Without any particular waiting time, the weathered surface can now be rinsed off with a hard water jet and all loose parts removed.
The treated areas are now sterilized and can be processed further.

Step 3: painting / preserving / waterproofing
The cleaned area can now be refined as desired. For example: Impregnation with Compakt primer to strengthen and hydrophobize the substrate.
(prevents the penetration of water into the plaster) then paint with paint.
Our Compakt -LF-Primer is biocide-free and compatible with all paint systems.

Important NOTE! Facades with full thermal insulation !!!
Thermally insulated facades tend to become mossy very quickly (green and gray covering). With these surfaces, cleaning with Asperalgin facade cleaner is sufficient, the paint is usually not used up and does not have to be repainted, and a repainting would not solve the problem of moss. The main reason is that these surfaces condense very strongly due to frequent temperature fluctuations and this condensation is stored in the capillaries. From 60% basic moisture in the coated surface, mold, algae, moss and fog can form. These Foggen (black-gray bells over windows and doors) can often be observed in permanently warm, humid rooms such as bathrooms, stables, bakeries and production rooms with a lot of warm, humid air. With full thermal insulation on facades, the soiling (green to gray) is present over the entire surface, roof overhangs and soffits are also affected. This organic-biological soiling feeds on the paint surfaces and destroys the protective facade paint. Even the highest quality paint systems cannot withstand this load. In order to stop this beginning decay, facade cleaning and disinfection combined with long-term protection is essential.
Disinfected and cleaned surfaces should then be provided with a capillary-active impregnation. This offers increased protection against the effects of the weather and re-soiling.

There are three ways to prevent this organic-biological contamination:

Option 1: to avoid mold, algae and moss for approx. 3 to 5 years, use our "Chemocid-Anti-Fungal Concentrate", it is diluted 1:10 with water and simply sprayed on. This impregnation is a biocidal product WITHOUT water repellency, capillary active.

Option 2: the highest quality, "silicon ceramic" capillary-active impregnation is Prägnolin-Mineral with hydrophobization (prevents the penetration of water)
Function guarantee of up to 30 years. Solvent-free, compatible with all paint systems. Biocide free.
This impregnation can also be used for roof tiles, clinker, concrete, fine plaster, sandstone, granite, marble, exposed aggregate concrete, painted wood and much more.

Option 3: Siloxane impregnation "Silan-W-Mineral" solvent-free, capillary-active, hydrophobic, water, oil, dirt repellent.
Silan-W-Mineral is an inexpensive alternative to Prägnolin-Mineral. Function guarantee 5 to 6 years. Compatible with all painting systems. Biocide free.

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