What works where

What works where?

Brief overview: which product is used where.
For mold, fungi, algae, moss, spaak, mildew.

Effective against all types of mold and dry rot
Also cleans permanently elastic joints and white plastic,
as well as garden furniture with gray and black spots.

For cleaning and disinfecting
facades and surfaces soiled by weather

For tombstones, monuments, stairs, flower bowls, etc.

For the odorless removal of moss, algae and
Mold deposits on stone, concrete, wood, brick, on terraces,
in the santary area swimming pools and in closed rooms.

Preventive mold protection

Preventive, permanent protection against
Mold, fungi, algae, moss and dry rot.

Chemocid antifungal additive concentrate
Can be diluted up to 1:10 as a renovation solution and as a final impregnation
and for adding to paints and building materials.
Reliably works against mold, algae, spaak and mildew for several years.
in living rooms, on facades, roof trusses, roof panels, cold rooms, stables
You use the ready-to-use
Mold protection spray

For restoring and repairing masonry,
Nitric and nitrate efflorescence, sanding plasters,
Hairline cracks on walls, facades, screed, concrete,

Compakt primer as the best bonding bridge for all paint systems
Prevents nitrate efflorescence = saltpeter protection
Solidifies sanding, dusty screeds, old crumbling plasters
and ailing masonry becomes solid and stable again.

with saltpeter and nitrate efflorescence a pretreatment with
Saltpetre stop necessary!

Surface disinfection
for food companies and feed stores.
Schimalgin - agrar biocidal cleaner

Corresponds to the Food and Consumer Goods Act, Section 31, Paragraph 1
Removes mold stains, mold, fungi, spores, bacteria on tools,
Fabrics, textile coverings
Disinfected, sanitary facilities, ripening rooms, baths, milk rooms,
Feed silos, stables and much more.

Mold removal & maintenance cleaning for everyone
Outdoor and camping fabrics.

Danger !!!
Not suitable for beige-colored boat covers
Use cotton blend fabrics !!!

For beige colored boat covers
Schimmalgin special and fiber protection
use !!!

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For cleaning all Campimg fabrics
and surfaces of all kinds without mold stains.

very economical concentrate

For cleaning boat hulls,
Drive and propeller

Special impregnations:
for all outdoor and camping fabrics
Mold stains on fabrics are always a sure sign
that the impregnation is no longer intact and should be
necessarily be renewed.
From 60% fiber moisture, mold stains can form.

Silicon-ceramic impregnation
Highest quality and most durable impregnation product
5-year functional guarantee for all types of fabric
Solvent free

Prägnolin Universal for the household
Silicon-ceramic impregnation for all substrates
Food safe, to improve hygiene on work surfaces in the kitchen, bakery,
Clothing, shoes, marble, metal, and much more.
Solvent free

High-tech carbon impregnation,
Solvent-based, quick-drying fiber-enveloping
for all mixed fabrics and synthetic tarpaulins
Extra strong with lotus effect.
For boat covers, tents, tarpaulins, awnings, carpets,
Clothing, shoes and much more.

Prägnolin special
Fiber-filling stearate wax impregnation, contains solvents
For weathered, heavy, absorbent fabrics, boat covers, tents and tarpaulins.

Silicon ceramic impregnation
For all facades, walls, roof tiles, monuments.
also for floor coverings to protect against
Fat, OIL, chewing gum, bird droppings
Effective on all materials!
Especially with full thermal insulation
to reduce algae and moss formation
Function guarantee of up to 30 years.
Solvent free

Siloxane impregnation
Inexpensive alternative to Prägnolin-Mineral

Silicon-ceramic deep impregnation
for glazed and unglazed tiles,
Marble, natural stone tiles and grouting.
also for GRP boat hulls in the underwater area and zet drive
to reduce the formation of algae and smallpox.
As corrosion protection for metals, machines and vehicles
Contains solvents

For cleaning
for the heaviest soiling of all kinds:
Biocide-free basic cleaner concentrate
Without caustic soda

the ready-to-use soot flash

For descaling
Household and business

For shower, bath, toilet, sanitary,
to avoid rotten joints.

Glass cleaner
especially suitable for
Window cleaning equipment
with beading effect

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