How do mold stains arise?

What are mold stains?
Mold stains on fabrics
Mold stains are not only a visual problem, they are also extremely harmful to health. These gray-black points are real molds of the genus Aspergilus. Touching it can cause mycoses and serious illnesses and allergies. These stains are accompanied by the typical musty smell. This smell is an alarm bell, it is mold spores that you inhale, so avoid anything that smells musty!

How do mold stains arise?
Boat covers are permanently damp with fibers due to the strong formation of condensation. Coatings on the outside prevent moisture from evaporating quickly to the outside. These coatings are necessary to keep the fabric impermeable to water. The formation of condensation, which is repeated several times a day, cannot be prevented. If this moisture persists in the fabric for 4-6 hours, mold spores have the opportunity to germinate and form a mycelium.

The nutrients that the mold needs can be found in all fabrics, including plastic.

The mycelium alone is not yet visible to the human eye. Another 36 hours are now necessary to develop a fruiting body, which can then be recognized as black or gray dots. - Aspergillus - the most common mold in living and hobby areas.

These are then mold stains, spaak, moder ... many names for a medium that is as old as our earth or maybe even older.

In the past, the substances were mixed with so much poison that mold stains could not develop, which was extremely worrying for people and the environment. Today these fungicidal treatments may only be incorporated in such a weakened form that they are hardly effective. The result: mold stains.

Avoid all stubborn objects, do not touch them with bare hands and do not spend an unnecessarily long time in musty-smelling rooms. Above all, they do not sleep in such rooms, not even in tents that have mold stains. here the wind usually takes away the musty smell, but the spores are there and are inhaled.

We have developed a cleaning and care system to keep these fabrics healthy and clean.

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Due to the variety of types of material, it is not possible to treat everything with just one agent. Different products must also be used in order not to cause damage to the fabrics. Each of our products comes with an effectiveness guarantee and insurance protection. That means no risk for you when you use our products.

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