How is mold removed?

Mold removal and mold protection
On walls
Leave the existing infestation untouched and spray with Moldstop, baua-Reg.Nr .: N-12222. (Economical, but wetting the entire surface (approx. 75 to 100ml per square meter).

Mold stop works automatically without scratching or rubbing, by splitting off oxygen.

Color changes appear after 10-15 minutes. This change in color indicates that the product has been absorbed and worked. A visually clean surface can be achieved by repeatedly spraying sparingly.

In the case of tile joints, wash off after 10 minutes.

Massage gently with a brush in the case of silicone joints. (With older silicone joints, the black areas may no longer completely disappear, but the joints are hygienically clean.)

Garden furniture made of white plastic often shows gray and black stains, these can be removed with Moldstop. Simply spray on, leave on for a good 30 minutes and wash off. Repeat the process for stubborn stains.

For permanent protection against mold, after mold removal, if the cause cannot be eliminated, spray on our polyoxin protector = mold and algae protection. baua-Reg.Nr .: N-12226. This offers protection against mold formation even on damp walls.

If dry rot is suspected
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the control and elimination of this fungus requires great care and specialist knowledge, as the root network (mycelium) must also be completely removed. We help with words and deeds.