How dangerous is mold?

The dangerousness of the mold
One hears more and more in the media about the dangerousness of the mold that makes us sick. It is therefore important to know where to find the mold.

Mold makes you sick!
Protect your health - and use our more than 30 years of experience in mold control! Because we are the specialists for organic-biological pollution. Mold, mildew, mold stains, spaak etc. - many names for a medium that is as old as our planet earth or maybe even older?

Moldy walls, tents, canopies, storage rooms, feed silos, etc. are a constant source of infection!

There are molds on every wall, whether made of masonry, fabric, wood or plastic, visible or invisible! In any case, you can smell it, the typical musty smell. They can have a significant negative impact on our general well-being and make you chronically ill in the long run!

Molds are often the cause of many allergies!

Rooms, boats, caravans, tents etc. that smell of mold should not be inhabited. Here the spore load is so high that mycoses can be infected.

For the most part, molds consist of an invisible network, the mycelium. The so-called spores grow from this mycelium. The spores are the actual seeds of the fungus, which are used for further reproduction. These mold spores buzz through the air and the most dangerous for humans, they get into the body when inhaled. The entire airway becomes infected. Touching these mushrooms is also very dangerous, they stick to the skin and can no longer be rubbed off. Our immune system fights against it, of course, but the mushrooms produce mycotoxins (i.e. "fungal toxins") which weaken the immune system. Aflatoxin is one of the most dangerous mycotoxins. This substance is produced by Aspergilus niger, also known as the black house mold. (It is the same fungus that shows up as a mildew on fabrics.) These toxins make life-threatening illnesses! Liver cancer and pulmonary aspergillosis, for example, have been recognized as mold infections! The clinical pictures are so diverse that they cannot all be listed.

The black house mold is the most common mold in the home and hobby area.
Even the smallest corner can be a major source of infection!
Therefore protect yourself against moldy walls, mold stains, mold, spaak, etc.!
Trust our many years of experience in mold control. In 1976 we brought the "Schimmel Stop" product onto the market. The first spray against mold with an immediately visible effect. It has been tried and tested a million times over and still does. Through tireless research, we have succeeded in developing further products that are easy to use and reliably prevent mold growth. Without adverse health effects for humans, animals and the environment.

Make sure you have healthy walls in your living area - for the sake of your health!

We guarantee reliable effectiveness and safe use for each of our products!

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Mold protection is our job.