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Telescopic spray lance "Alpha 6500 battery"
Telescopic spray lance "Alpha 6500 Akku" backpack with 2 spray lances, range up to 12 meters for the precise application of biocidal products. 8h battery power.
452,20 EUR
Pressure pump atomizer
Pump sprayer
for large areas
21,20 EUR
"Alpha 3000" high pressure & metering pump
High pressure pump & metering pump 240 volts "Alpha 3000" with remote control
adjustable pressure of up to 40 bar
for spray and washing for precise application and razor-sharp washing.
on facades, roofs, floors and in plant protection.
638,40 EUR
"Alpha HD-130" Hochdruckpump & Dosierpumpe
1.208,59 EUR
Telescopic spray lance up to 200 bar "Alpha7520"
High-pressure telescopic spray lance "Alpha 7520" Working pressure up to 200 bar for working heights up to 10 meters, precise application and razor-sharp cleaning of large areas.
701,28 EUR
Telescopic spray lance up to 40bar "Alpha 8500"
Spray lance "Alpha 8500" Telescopic spray lance
Special model EXTRA-long and ULTRA-light
with guide axis, working range up to 12 meters
for precise spray and washing.
780,00 EUR