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Poly Tex Cleaner
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Poly Tex Cleaner

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Renuwell furniture regenerator 1000ml
For all light and dark types of wood: new, old and antique. Ideal for any paint surface. Carpenters, painters and restorers work with the furniture regenerator every day. They recommend the product to everyone who wants to freshen up, care for and protect their furniture.
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Fiber protection 500 ml
Fiber protection

For pretreatment of mildew stains only for light (beige colored) boat canopy fabrics made of a cotton blend.

Prevents oxidation stains

Use only on light-colored boat covers, tarpaulins, spray hoods, etc.!

Purpose: For pre-treatment when using Schimmalgin-Spezial

Important NOTE !

Please be sure to follow the instructions for use on the bottle!

Consumption: approx. 50 - 60ml / m² (example, 1 bottle of fiber protection is sufficient for approx. 1 liter of Schimmalgin - special.)
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29,84 EUR per
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